Thursday, August 19, 2010

SwordPen Food for Thought

As parents and teachers we know that perhaps the most important “job” we have as guides and mentors for our children is reading with them and encouraging them to read on their own. Great reading habits are the most precious gems that we could ever instill in our children. In fact, reading is the most important talent your child will ever acquire. Reading stimulates the imagination, encourages creativity, and enhances intelligence.

Reading with your little ones and creating within them a love for reading is a priceless gift that will last them a lifetime – and make their entire lives a more worthwhile one. It will help them excel in their personal and business relationships. It will help them continue to grow even at a ripe old age! And isn’t that what life is about? Some of my happiest and bittersweet moments in life were when I’d walk into my children’s rooms at night to read to them – and they were already deeply engrossed and reading on their own. It’s such a wonderful milestone.

Offering your children real literature as opposed to simplistic, immature gibberish might not seem like too difficult a choice, but many parents today quip that their kids “will only read junk.” That’s like having a child that lives on a diet of sugar, cake, and soda – and a parent who refuses to teach her about healthy caloric intake. Fruits and vegetables are delicious! Just as physical obesity is a plague, “literary obesity” is another chronic illness that many of today’s youth suffers from. Great literature is the obvious “diet” for your child’s cerebral cortex.

At SwordPen Publishers we believe in love – the love of a great book, the love of a parent for a child. We’ve woven great tales and exquisite illustrations so that you can offer your youngster a rare delicious treat from the Literary Garden of Eden. Offering up the “right book” to your child might feel a bit daring at first … but not after you hear her say … “Thanks Mom! It’s my favorite book!”

Look for the SwordPen logo, and fill your child’s library with great books. And be sure to back out of her room quietly when you find her engrossed in her favorite story from SwordPen.

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