Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SwordPen Publishers is actually about publishing

Almost sounds silly, doesn't it? What else should a publishing company
be about? But the truth is, that many of today's companies are only
looking at the bottom line. Just look at the websites of some of the
largest companies out there. They'll say it right on their web-page.
Publishing has become a numbers game. Just as visual media has long
given up on content and merely produces syndicated trash, so too have
many in the publishing world turned to famous names and endless
marketing to produce garbage. Their CEO's are running around
frantically as they bark orders to meet or maintain "last years
percentages." They are working social media to death. And most book
conferences speak much more about "getting noticed" than about the
actual content of a "good old fashioned great story!"

SwordPen Publishers barely considers the bottom line. As a matter of
fact, we live in the red - in order for our stories to be read! We
care about kids! We'd give our books away for free if we could! [We
actually do! Check out] Children absolutely love our
stories! All over the world! And they have great taste! So do their
parents! Every story is crafted with a mother's love. From old
fashioned fables (yes, we are not embarrassed to admit it!) to
edgy/quirky/funky stories, SwordPen delivers books that children read
over and over, or keep asking their parents to read to them again and
again. One of our illustrators recently related that her husband keeps
on reading The Hippo That Flew with his morning cup of coffee! But
that is very understandable, since he's a mere fifty-two years young!

SwordPen Publishers will be releasing two more titles this summer. My
Dog Ate It! and Of Course I Love You! And we are devoting just a
little of our time speaking to investors to help us get out of the