Friday, February 19, 2010

From age three to ninety three ...

Publishers often label the age appropriateness of their children’s stories.
At SwordPen Publishers we shy away from that idea. We believe that no two children are alike. Our stories are truly geared for the entire family. From Grandma to toddlers! SwordPen produces books that the entire family will love to read. We refuse to create a ‘level’ for our readers. Many times the ‘adult’ in the family will grab our books just to enjoy for themselves!

Children of all ages have what to love from each of our books. And if they need a little help reading some of the words … well, that’s what parents and caregivers are for! Our books are for the child prodigy who may be four years old – to the sixteen year old with some dyslexic issues. SwordPen childrens book publishers are proud of every story they create. So no matter what age your child is … give her a library of SwordPen books!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dying is a sensitive topic ... how do you explain death to your little one?

The Hippo That Flew, SwordPen Publishers latest fiction childrens books release, isn’t just an awesome story, about never giving up, that is worthy of a Caldecott … it’s a story that allows any parent to gently explain “what life’s about.” Using Wilbur (an abstract animal character) to discuss death with children makes it easier for them to comprehend and digest, without feeling the fear that it could happen to someone they know personally. Meaning, if the story portrayed a (human) Mother/Father or Brother dying, it would hit “too close to home,” and could lead to fears of, “What if my Mommy or Daddy dies.” The disassociation of an immediate relative, makes it easier for the child to be introduced to the concept of death without feeling scared.

By using “Wilbur,” an absolutely adorable cute and cuddly hippo, an animal character that children are accustomed to seeing/reading at their age level, a separation is effected that takes the edge of fear out of their precious “little,” yet very imaginative minds. SwordPen Publishers was very careful in making their main character Wilbur extremely friendly and “happy” looking – even as he continues to fly for eternity!

It’s truly a phenomenal way to gently and sensitively explain the concept of death and passing to your child. Read the book to your child and you will see what we mean! The Hippo That Flew, even though it’s sub-plot is about a difficult and sensitive topic, is truly a must-have for every child’s storybook library.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Room Without Books ...

G.K. Chesterton (a prolific writer of over eighty novels) once said that, A room without books is like a body without a soul. At SwordPen Publishers we feel that a child’s soul is the most precious soul of all, and that is why we believe (almost fervently!) that your child’s room should be filled full of books!

Our goal is to produce one hundred books within the next five years. Our acquisition pipeline now contains over a dozen awesome stories and we plan to release our third book, Don’t Get Stuck On Being A Duck! by next Thanksgiving. SwordPen believes in old fashioned values when it comes to your child’s “mental nutrition.” Just imagine if you were able to feed your child an ice cream sundae and fries while giving him the nutrition of spinach and broccoli.

Our stories entertain while provoking and stimulating young minds. Even our illustrations are carefully planned – as we write and edit the text – so that your child can infer much of what they are reading. So look for the SwordPen logo – and get each and every one of our stories into your child’s room … and soul! Your child will thank you … and you will one day thank us! SwordPen books – for keen young minds … and sensitive souls!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Swordpen Wants You To Help Your Children Read

When I was a wee lad, I was a big reader. It all started with my father reading fiction childrens books to me as a child. He was rarely home because he worked so hard, but when he was, he would read to me before bedtime. We read stories of all kinds, at first with illustrations, and gradually without. Eventually he stopped reading to me, and read with me.

It’s really a matter of enthusiasm. I remember how he worked to teach me to read and write my letters, when I was around four years old. I could write almost all of my letters, and he would fall off of his chair and pretend to faint on the floor. I jumped on him laughing, telling him to wake up! The only trouble arose when I had to write my b’s and my d’s. I couldn’t get them right, and he, probably worried that I was dyslexic, only struggled harder to teach me. Continuing to fail, I burst into tears and ran away from the learning table, only to be comforted by him telling me that it takes practice.

And after that, practice I did. I would buy children’s books every week, and devour them greedily. But it all started with my parents taking the time to teach me. Here at Swordpen, we know that reading makes kids smarter, but when kids are just starting out, it takes two. You are the best way to get your child to start reading, and those memories last forever.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Why You Should Read to Your Child Everyday

As technology has developed, we’ve become a society of TV watchers and computer addicts. Reading has become more of dreaded chore than a hobby, for children and adults alike. But according to neurologists, TV puts children into an “Alpha State”, and does little for their mental growth. Children can’t learn from most TV programs because most are designed to sell products not to teach.

At Sword Pen, we believe that although books are often overlooked as source of entertainment, they are extremely important to develop a healthy mind, especially if you’re still growing.
As Deirdre Donahue, USA Today children’s book reviewer put it, "If you want to raise readers, you must provide them with books as soon as humanly possible. This is a parental obligation on par with vaccinations.”

Books build a child’s imagination, which is extremely important for the mental growth of children 3-7 years old. So buy childrens books and make it part of your routine to read to your child, daily. Childrens book publishers like Swordpen, recognize that stimulating young minds with new words and ideas is crucial to growth and development and fiction childrens books are a great way to do that.

Quality doesn’t have to come at a high price. Fiction childrens books are available at

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Hippo that Flew: A Lesson for Little Ones — and Big Ones Too!

If there’s anything you want to convey to a small child, it’s that giving up is not an option—no matter what people say. Fiction childrens books are a fantastic and fun way to teach your child this important lesson. In Sword Pen’s latest literary gem, The Hippo That Flew, a young Hippo named Wilbur is certain that one day, he will fly. His peers, close friends and even his family tell him he’s crazy, but his spirit and determination is relentless. He is certain that nothing will stop him, not even gravity itself. Despite failing a few times and being laughed at by everyone, he still doesn’t give up and eventually his good attitude and his persistence pays off.

This story and most other Swordpen books are a perfect example of why everyone should buy childrens books--- they contain relevant lessons for all ages. The beautifully written, simple story makes the lesson clear for children and reminds even the most cynical adult that positive thinking leads to positive results. Follow your dreams, your passion, and your vision no matter what odds are or what any one says, and eventually you will succeed.

Childrens book publishers like Swordpen strive to share fiction childrens books with the world---high quality educational material should be affordable for everyone. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your child, The Hippo That Flew is available for purchase at

Monday, February 1, 2010

Swordpen - Sharp Stories for Keen Kids!

At SwordPen Publishers, when we say “sharp stories for keen kids,” we mean it! Our stories are engaging to the mind and the eye. Children actually write in asking when our next book is coming out. There is a desire among many exceptional children (and which child isn’t exceptional?!) to read books that have real content. They don’t want to be talked down to – or read down to for that matter. And even children with reading issues (my own daughter) want to read REAL stories.

At SwordPen, we believe in old fashioned values. You won’t find ebonics, txtspk, pig latin, valley, or ghetto language in our stories. You will find English – creatively composed and meticulously edited. And you won’t be told again and again what Walter The %%#$%@!! Dog does – as if it were funny the first time. It’s merely Random House being very random.

SwordPen CEO Zev Lewinson grew up in a world where the concept of “lowering the bar” just didn’t exist. He still has old fashioned values of raising the level of the reader and his short term goal is to produce one hundred masterpieces in the next five years. When you plan to buy childrens books, please visit the SwordPen website at so that your child can read the first three books. You will surely be ordering the next ninety-seven.