Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Son Can't Stop Reading This Book!

It’s been a day of praise for SwordPen Publishers. Two especially heart-warming acknowledgments, that came from opposite ends of our readership spectrum, show how diverse our readers are. And that is why we claim that our books are from “three to ninety-three.”

The first came from RoomToRead.org. They are an amazing organization that places wonderful stories around the globe. Many children that will never see the inside of a library are able to read lovely stories that bring them such happiness. A publishers book has to be approved before RoomToRead will accept the book for their young readers. After receiving our first book, we contacted them to see if they were interested in our more recent releases, such as The Hippo That Flew and Don’t Get Stuck On Being A Duck!

Here was the response of RoomToRead.org.

“Based on the quality of the first book you sent, I don’t believe we need to review the other titles before accepting them for donation. I really enjoyed reading through How Mice Became Small and I am sure children who use our libraries will as well!”

We nevertheless wanted them to see our next gorgeous children story book – that will be out before the New Year. Here was their response.

“Don’t Get Stuck on Being a Duck! is another fantastic one that we enjoyed reading immensely."

But the height of our day came from a busy mom, who wrote a quick one sentence remark (along with a picture of her son holding an ice cream cone – this kid was having his ice cream and reading it too!), that simply read …

“My son can’t stop reading this book!”