Monday, January 25, 2010

Why Great Illustrations Are So Important

At SwordPen Publishers, we believe in sound investments, cover to cover.

For example, we invest our time and effort to bring you the best authors of the wonderful stories we publish. But we don’t stop there. At SwordPen, we understand that the authors’ words come even more alive when portrayed by a superb illustration.

That’s why we also believe strongly in investing in the best artists – artists whose imaginations equal their artistic abilities.

Why the best? Because great illustrators don’t just statically depict the story – they help tell it. There are times when we actually with-hold some of the story line, but instruct our illustrators to depict the idea in part of the picture. This allows the child the pleasure of inferring an idea on their own. It allows them to be creative learners instead of passive ones.

Illustrations can also help a new reader learn to read. A vivid illustration helps her imagine what all those words are saying, literally and figuratively. Creative illustrations have the power to not only bring joy to the new reader but also give her the desire to keep at it as her skills grow stronger.

The illustrations we use for all of SwordPen’s books add color, excitement, and heartfelt sentiment to any tale. The combination is magical. Our books prompt youngsters’ minds to imagine and inspire them to think.

A great book shuts out the noise and prattle that permeates today’s world and invites readers young and old to retreat, relax and relish another time and place – even if only for a little while. It is surely a place to which they will constantly want to return. Especially for another SwordPen book!

At SwordPen we will continue to use all of our resources, both monetary and creative, to invest in your child’s life long reading career. When you buy childrens books, you have our word that we will always do our best to create and expand our library of, remarkable and memorable, quality children’s literature.

After all, there is no better investment we can think of than our children’s future.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How to Buy Childrens Books Your Kids Will Love

Whenever I buy childrens books, I always wonder, what makes a good one? It’s a difficult question, and the answer is different for every child, depending on his or her age, interests, reading level, family values, and mood. Because, let’s face it, when your child is feeling restless, no book is a good book.

But for those glorious moments when your child is ready and willing to read, here are three basic guidelines to follow:

Find a plot with a beginning, middle, and end.

A good plot isn’t just entertaining, it’s a perfect opportunity to teach your child about cause and effect, and that everyone’s actions have consequences. In fact, following the events of a story can help sharpen key critical thinking skills that will benefit your child all the way up to the SATs, and beyond!

Look at the quality of the illustrations.

Children, especially young ones, probably aren’t going to catch every word of a story, so it’s important for you to find a book with informative illustrations that restate the content of the narrative. Besides, if the art is really beautiful, it might even inspire your child to create something special.

Make sure it was a book first, not a movie.

Most adults look down on reading the “novelizations” of films and TV shows, and they shouldn’t encourage it in their children, either. There’s nothing inherently wrong with a book inspired by a movie, but all too often these texts include sparse narration next to still shots from the original production.

Hopefully these tips will help you select children’s books your whole family will enjoy. You can begin your search right here at Swordpen today!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fiction Childrens Books We Love: How Mice Became Small

It’s so nice to find a children’s book that parents can also enjoy, but most fiction childrens books are written without any jokes or references designed for grown ups. You’d think all that effort you put into acting out the different voices would earn you at least a couple of big-people laughs, wouldn’t you?

Fortunately, some books are fun for parents as well as children, such as Zev Lewinson’s How Mice Became Small. Enhanced by Debi Coules’ beautiful illustrations, this book tells the story of how mice were transformed from giant, ferocious creatures (bigger than lions or tigers!) to the cute, snuggly animals we know them as today.

All that might sound pretty childish, but How Mice Became Small includes a variety of jokes for adults, like the tyrant mouse ruler King James, who appears on the cover of “Newsqueak” magazine and, following unrest for his underlings, unabashedly declares “Let them eat cheesecake!”

And for the kids, How Mice Became Small is full of fun-to-read sections, including the frequently repeated title, “His Royal Highness, King of Kings, Haughtiest and Naughtiest, Epitome of Evil and Ruthlessness, King James,” as well as the rhyming spell cast by a heroic elf.

Available from Swordpen, How Mice Became Small truly has something for everyone!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome to SwordPen Blog!

Sometimes it feels that with all the iPods, Wiis, PSPs, HDTVs, Youtubes and Twitters, the only words we read are electronic words that are splattered on a screen. Indeed, all the gadgetry and technology made us forget about books and it seems that the only time we turn to books is when there’s a power shortage, and the iPhone’s out of battery or something.

But the fact is that no electronics or machines can come near to the excitement we get when reading a good book. That’s the reason SwordPen Publishers takes reading as more than just a minor pastime when there is really nothing else to do. At SwordPen we take reading as a passion, as one of the best things to do any given time.

I mean, look back to your childhood. Do you remember you and your dad playing Nintendo? No! Well, of course it wasn’t invented yet but still, try to relive the moment when you set on your parent’s lap with your favorite story of all times. You can’t match that! Not with a video game that’s for sure.

Yup, we could’ve gotten into video games and make a lot of money, but we chose to recreate that warm memories that you have, for your children, through our quality books.

The books that we publish are great for children of all ages and they aim to help them deal with life’s surprises and situations while promoting their spirits and inner growth. These are stories that will not go away, but stay, inviting new thoughts and nurturing your child’s mind.

We got this blog up and running in order to keep you and your family updated about the wonderful world of fiction childrens books that is out there and. So in the meanwhile, visit our site at and don’t forget to visit our blogs weekly and… you will live happily ever after.