Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Hippo That Flew

"Lewinson’s charming little fable, The Hippo That Flew,

stands as a vivid reminder to children and their parents to

never give up on their dreams and passions. The dreams

of one generation can well become the realities of the next."

We love this accolade on the back cover of The Hippo That Flew,

from law professor and legal scholar Irving Breitowitz. It is

such a great description that clearly depicts the theme of their latest literary

masterpiece for kids!

"Watch SwordPen Publishers grow!"

Watch SwordPen Publishers grow! How Mice Became Small

is an awesome story based on a sixth grade assignment,

originally written by the wife of the author, over forty years ago.

Lewinson discovered the aged and yellowing piece of paper in

the attic of their home, and decided it would make an adorable

children's book. It is incredibly illustrated by Debi Coules whose

artistic talent and imagination rival Lewinson's writing skills.

Random House and Harper Collins are just a few of the many

companies that have given the story rave reviews. It became

the first book to be published by SwordPen Publishers.

SwordPen Publishers is about to release it's second title -

The Hippo That Flew - another timeless treasure! Please

check out their site at They expect to

release four more books this coming year.

Why choose SwordPen for your children's library?

At SwordPen, we believe strongly in the power of the word to uplift, educate and transform, to make a difference in children's lives. We believe in delivering quality, well-produced books that will become heirlooms in our readers' collections. And we believe in honoring children's intellects – and the intellect of the adults who read to them – with stories that don't talk down to children but rather, invite reflection and conversation. On that you have our word.
We welcome you and look forward to making you part of our SwordPen family of booksellers, schools, libraries and readers who understand the need for - and desire - sharp stories for keen kids.

Your in great reading!
Caryn Starr-Gates