Friday, March 19, 2010

They Were Mezmerized!

I am so excited! I recently read The Hippo That Flew to a class of first graders (26 of them!). You could literally hear a pin drop. One might think that the book is a trifle long for the attention span of a six year old. Yet the kids sat on the edge of their little seats as they “watched” the story unfold. They just loved it! They could not stop staring at the illustrations as they paid intense attention to the story! I had a drop of apprehension about the possible reaction of the children with regard to Wilbur’s “going to heaven,” but Wilbur’s transition is done with such innocence, and with such happiness, that their reaction was totally positive! We had a question and answer period at the end of the story and the children asked wonderful questions. They also loved seeing the author’s rough draft at the very end of the story – which happens to be a great teaching tool that the teaching staff loved! Another very cute question that one adorable little lady asked was, “Where can my Mommy buy the book?” The Hippo That Flew is sure to become a classic!

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